What is NFT Metadata?

What is NFT Metadata?

NFT metadata is a crucial element of NFT mining. It is the essence of an NFT. The metadata gets manifested as a JSON document which describes the essential properties of the NFTs. These include:

– The name of the NFT
– Its description
– Links to images and other digital assets
– Traits

What purpose does the metadata serve?

Metadata helps display NFTs in an easily understandable format for the market players. It renders compatibility to the NFT ecosystem, including wallets and tools. This compatibility gets executed through the JSON format.

A little background about JSON

JSON is a lightweight format first defined by the JavaScript language. It does not impose any constraints or restrictions on the data structure that resides within it. Also, JSON does not comprise a built-in schema definition language.

The metadata storage options

Three options take on the use-case requirements, of which the NFT size and cost make for primary parameters.

1. Locally
This storage option is ideal for metadata less than 100 bytes. The data can get stored directly in the field when minting the NFT. However, this field is immutable, that is, unalterable. Another aspect is that multimedia cannot get stored here.

2. Hedera File Service
A distributed storage service, this one is apt for storing multimedia. It is ideal for file sizes between 100 bytes and 30kb.

3. Filecoin
Another distributed storage service, Filecoin, is ideal for storing high-resolution images appropriate for art and other rich multimedia.

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